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To bowel or Not to bowel

To bowel or not to bowel that is the question ?

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Hi looking at getting a rescue pup

A) want to know if i should do away with the trodictinal dog food bowl and go with dog food toys ?

if so is there anyone who has done this
b) how have they found the dog went with not having a bowl ?
c) was it hard to get rid of the bowl when the dog was use to eatting from a bowl ?
D) how did you get ur dog intrested in using the toys?
E) toy sugestions i already have kongs and a Bob-A-Lot but what other toys do u think I should get keep in mind that these toys will be put down with the food in them as i leave for work for 4 hrs of a morning and prob again at night so i need toysi can trust with my pup without my supervision
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Are you talking about a bowl or are you truly asking about a bowel?
Are you talking about a bowl or are you truly asking about a bowel?
I was wondering the same thing.

If you are asking about bowls, we use a combination of traditional bowls and food dispensing toys/puzzles here.
I was asking about bowls I was hung over when typing this not to self dont type when you have had a long weekend i would change all the others bowels to bowls if i only knew how
My muppet dog eats from the floor in the bottom of his crate. It slows down his inhaling of food.

I had to giggle at the thread title since I work with someone who consistently spells bowl as "bowel". Even in official medical charts.
I use food dispensing toys mostly but bowls every once and a while. I would say mainly go with food dispensing toys. I use mostly stuffed frozen kongs and just make up a bunch at once.
I do a combination. With multiple dogs and one resource guarder, I can't really feed regular meals from food dispensing toys or there would be problems. Regular meals go in bowls. But Squash gets some of his daily food portion in Kong form when he is crated.
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