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As I left the house I realized I forgot to grab something. I circled around the block and went back home. I walked in the door, singing loudly (normal for me,lol), and noticed only Toehuntai and Baby were there to greet me. It was strange for Tj not to be there, but just carried on, figuring he was in the living room. I turned the corner and entered the living room, still singing my song, when I saw Tj sheeply making his way to the loving room from the kitchen. He had the look of, "Oh crud, you're home early! So, um, whatever happened anywhere ... I know nothing about!" I looked at him and said, "Mmm-hmm. So what did you just do?" I looked in the kitchen and found the trash can spilled over. Called Tj out to the kitchen and he peaked his "sorry face" around the corner and then came and sat by me. "Did you do that?", I asked him. He looked to the floor with, "...Maybe." I had him sit there while I picked up the trash, after telling him "Trash, bad" and then we walked back to the living room. Tj went and sat himself in a time out corner. I grabbed my keys and told them, "Okay, I gotta head back out again.", to which Tj hyperly ran to the door hoping he could go too.

They may be opportunistic but I think they can then put together "Oops, that may have not been the best idea". He just THOUGHT I wouldn't be home to catch him in the act, lol!
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