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Titers for Rabbis for Dog came less then 0.5 !!! Please help!

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My Dog has just had a titer blood result of 0.13. For travel, the test result must not be lower than 0.5. What are my options now, can the blood test be redone, will he need another rabies jab, whats the difference between a rabies vaccine and rabies booster?
Have you ever heard of a dog continuously getting a result less than 0.5???

Thanks to everyone!

Meir S
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Has your dog had a rabies shot before, and if so, how long ago? In my experience - in the USA mostly - the rabies vaccine and booster are the same, we just tend to call it a 'booster' when using it on an animal that's already had it done at least once before because it "boosts" their immunity for a while longer.

I'm assuming you're traveling to a different country, where? Does it require both up to date shots and a titer?
Thanks, DaySleeprs and good sleeping day,

yes, I am traveling to where both updates shots and a titer is needed. The shot is updated, but the titer is not satisfactory.

Thanks, Meir,
Okay. How long ago was the shot given?
I don't have the exact date as my Dog's passport is at the vet, no less than 2 months.
Got it. Okay, I'm not a vet, but if you have the time and money, I would titer again. Just in case the timing resulted in a low test. If it's still low the second time, then I would re-vaccinate and titer after about a month.

Good luck! I moved to a rabies-free country with my dog too.
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