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Tips on crate training in a condo

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My wife and I would like to start crate training our new 11 week old samoyed puppy, but we're a little worried about the neighbors and were wondering if anyone has some tips to help get through it without the neighbors killing us :eek:

Just some info- I work from home, and will be for the foreseeable future, so he won't be spending a whole lot of time in there during the day. We do want him to start sleeping in the crate as soon as possible though- and putting it in the bedroom with us is not an option- we want to set that hard rule from the beginning that he is not allowed in the bedroom.

We've done our homework on crate training, so we're trying to get him through slowly, not forcing him or rushing him so it doesn't ever become a negative experience. For now, he's sleeping un-crated in the living room (it's only been 2 nights so far). He barks and whines for about 10 minutes, and then he calms down. During the day when we try to crate train him though, he barks, howls and whines SO loud once he realizes the door is shut and he can't get out. The main difficulty is knowing that we aren't supposed to let him out until he calms down from that, but also not wanting to have angry neighbors...

From the first time he got here he went in the crate on his own, brought his toys into it, eats in it...he seems totally happy with it UNTIL the door is shut.

I know it's early still and it's just something we have to be patient to get through. I'm not looking for a miracle, but we're just looking for some advice on how to make it as smooth as possible for him AND our neighbors from anyone who has been in this situation or something similar.

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Thanks for the replies. You both bring up some good points. I really WOULD like to not keep the crate in the bedroom, because I don't want to confuse him into thinking that room is ok to be in. I'd like to be as consistent as possible here, but if I had no other options I would consider letting him be in the bedroom as long as he's crated.

As for consistency, you bring up a good point though Westhighlander. Letting him sleep outside the crate is probably not helping. Sleeping out by the crate with him for a while might be a good idea. The neighbors haven't complained yet, but I didn't want to start any problems... I work from home though, so maybe now that the work week has started I can train him during the day while most of the neighbors are out.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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