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Tips for handling separation anxiety?

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I just cannot leave a shrieking dog in my apartment at 3 am when I leave for work. If Belle has a delicious treat, she's pretty much just focused on the treat. I've been leaving her with frozen stuffed Kong's (peanut b7tter and liver treats) in another room, then closing the door. She's fine for the 3 minutes it takes to eat what she can from the Kong.

I do the same when leaving the house. Leave her a Kong, step outside, come in and take the Kong, before she can finish the treat and start whining.

If she eats what she can of the treats, she starts whining.

I've heard of some dogs spending HOURS with Kong's. How??

And is there anything else I can do to calm her down?
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..Wrong board? I understand that there are resources out there forSA, they have been ineffective and I'm juztlooking for tips.

New thing I"m trying: Belle gets no food unless it's when I'm leaving.
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