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Hi all
Any tips or tricks on getting very young puppies to stay still for some good pictures of them? The babies are just under 2 months old, and i have 10 of them.
Thanks in advance!!
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Practicing with them regularly can help. Of course that would take a while to do with each of 10. Breeders put them up on a grooming table and use string cheese or hot dogs to keep them busy. It often keeps them still enough for decent pix of body, but of course the head tends to be stretched out toward the food.
Have at least two people with you.

Person 1 is the Photographer. They call the shots telling the others where they need the dog to look, if they need the body turned a certain way, etc.

Person 2 is the Focus. This is the one who will hold the treat or toy. Their goal is to get the puppy to look at the treat/toy. If the photographer needs the head turned, this person will move the treat/toy in such a way to get the puppy to look in that direction.

Person 3 is the Grip. This is the person who will actually keep the puppy from running off. If the photographer needs the puppy's body moved, this is the person who will do it.

Then take one puppy to a different room/location for the shoot. Have the Focus do the talking to the puppy. Use a soft gentle voice. Say things like "oh what a handsome boy", "we just want to get a pic of you", "could you look over here", etc - I swear (as an amateur wildlife photographer) complimenting animals in that soft gentle tone will have them putting up with you longer than otherwise.
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