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During a discussion someone had wanted a timeline. Sorry I've forgotten who but I decide to make one of how I think these breeds all came together.

The Bull Terrier is said to have been a smaller/medium sized type dog earlier and crossed to Spanish Pointer for size to get the size of the standard bull terrier. The ones recognized as mini BTs today would be an accurate depiction of an originally popular size today.

The American Bulldog probably best represents some of the early English Bulldogs. Bulldogs were not a single breed but a dog recognized by function. There were bulldogs of different looks and sizes. Some of these bulldogs of England were brought over from other places such as Spain. Here in the US some lines have seen influence of APBT and possibly other breeds. It is thought that early on their could have been some bull&terrier influence into some of these bulldogs. Johnson and Scott are 2 different types within the breed. The Johnson type are typically heavier, shorter muzzled and large boned. While the Scott type tend to be lighter in frame and more balanced. Around the late 1940s Johnson wanted to save this breed of dog as well as Scott and they did work together in the earlier times. Later on they bred separately and Johnson continued with thicker, heavier style bulldogs. In 1970 they were NKC recognized and UKC recognized in 1999. There were also other breeders who are responsible for other lines. People also often breed the Johnson/Scott types for what they call hybrids.

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a breed of dog created from the bulldogs owned by the Lane family. These dogs came to be recognized as their own breed of bulldog separate from the American Bulldog itself.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has seen in some lines Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier as well as AKC AST bred into their pedigrees throughout the years. Their is a variance in type within the breed of those which are considered to be more bulldog or more terrier looking.

The American Bully has been derived from the APBT/AST, this began in the 1990s. These dogs were bred to be on the heavier side, more bully (or bulldogish looking), thicker bone, wider chest, big heads and larger size. Some breeds have said they mixed other bulldogs or larger breeds in and with others their is only speculation to go on. While others say their dogs are pure but bred for the extreme physical attributes of the APBT/AST.
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