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tie out stake

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Took Bosco on its first camping expedition. Staked him out using the Expawlorer for three days in dry, sandy, pebbly soil. The small stones in the soil made it difficult to get the cork screw action started but once it caught, it tightened up nicely. For much of the three days i had my 42 lb dog staked out except for several hours on day 2 when we got some heavy rain. The main leash used was long enough to provide the dog with plenty of room to roam and run, thus eliminating the dogs need to put continuous tension on the stake. By the end of day two the stake was visibly getting looser with some back and forth wiggle in the soil but didn't appear to be a problem so i didn't attempt to tighten or re-stake. Day three, time to pack up and leave, the stake was still restraining the dog but i was able to easily pull it straight up and out of the ground without using much force. My conclusion, the stake works great for a few days, wouldn't trust it much longer without re-staking it and/or a lot of supervision. I'd suggest pouring a cement foundation for a more permanent structure. Here's a few pics of the stake out in action...

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Looks like a happy pooch with room the move about and explore.
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