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tie out stake

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hey i'm just wondering about this product. my dog is a huskyxGSD (about 50lbs) and she can REALLY pull.. this tie-out stake says it's good for up to 100lbs but i'm still hesitant, does anyone have experience using these for big dogs?
(i'm just going to need to something for when we are travelling this summer)

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I personally have never had much luck with the corkscrew type tie out stakes, both of mine (with little force) can uproot them.

But I have one just like the picture I am posting, and it works great for both of my dogs (who weight 85 and 120lbs). Neither of them have pulled it out of the ground, and both dogs are strong. Even more so since we began weight & sled pulling.

I think the reason this one is so much better, is because of the rotation it has where you clip the tie out line, and it doesn't stick up, so the stake can't be pulled sideways where the soil will loosen and "give", causing the stake to come out of the ground.

This kind is sold at Petsmart too, only it's in green.
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