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tie out stake

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hey i'm just wondering about this product. my dog is a huskyxGSD (about 50lbs) and she can REALLY pull.. this tie-out stake says it's good for up to 100lbs but i'm still hesitant, does anyone have experience using these for big dogs?
(i'm just going to need to something for when we are travelling this summer)

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I have something similar for my small dog. It is pretty hard for me to pull out of the ground, more so when the ground is dry. I do find it easier to pull if the ground is really saturated or rocky/sandy. Keep in mind this is me pulling straight "UP." Your dog will be pulling it "sideways" which used leverage in the soil to keep it in place. If that makes any sense, I'm still not fully awake this morning.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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