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I'm new to having to worry about ticks with the dogs, but not myself. I adopted a dog that is currently on Vectra and she will taking chewable soon. From what I'm reading, it looks like it doesn't keep the parasites off the dog, but instead kills them within a certain time.

My areas are LOADED with ticks and I'm not looking to "avoid them." I want this dog to hike with me everywhere. I've had her for two walks in the woods so far and have had to pick off 11 and 9 ticks. So I'm a bit disappointed and not really knowing where to go here. It's great that the ticks will die and I'll keep treating her with that, but I'm looking to prevent them from ever getting on her in the first place... I spray my clothes with permethryn and its been a godsend.

So, does anyone recommend a spray or something I can rub on the dog right before I head out? I know I can't spray her directly with the permethryn (I have to let it dry on my clothes overnight.) Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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