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Thumper Hasn't Been Himself....

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My little guy has been acting strange lastnight and this morning. I'm a bit uptight and worried about him today as I made the decision to leave him home and go to work as usual.. I messaged my cousin who lives down the street to see if she might be able to pop in and check up on him, and if not.. I will leave work early..

I didn't want to rush him to the vet because honestly, he's not violently ill or anything, and last time I rushed him in for something minor it was a pointless visit that ended up costing me $300, and he's going to vet tomorrow morning anyway for his neuter... providing that he's okay I suppose.

Anyway I'm just posting to get it off my chest, and maybe any of you have some insight or experiences with this behavoir..

It started yesterday afternoon.. after work, he just wasn't himself.. actually, more like half of himself. Normally he's really bouncy, playful, hyper, energetic etc.. but lastnight he was lazy, I want to say almost lethargic.. but he was still moving around, he wolfed his dinner down, but he just had no ambition to play or run around like he normally does. He just layed around and slept all evening. I didn't get too concerned about it because he still had an appetite, he was still affectionate and cuddly, I took him for a little walk anyway just to get him up and moving.. and he did fine on the walk, everything was normal. Then he started getting the shakes.. only when he layed down to sleep.. he would shake violently.

No diarrhea, no vomitting, no whining, he was eating, drinking.. he even still wagged his butt a little and licked me to death as usual for affection, but he was just so darn lazy, and the shaking.. it's REALLY unusual. Anyway, I put him to bed and he slept fine during the night.. woke up this morning and he seemed okay, went outside to pee, again.. poop was normal.. but he seemed to be a tad constipated..had a bit of a hard time pooping but he came in, drank a bunch of water.. but this morning, he refused to eat...this is when I started getting a tad concerned. He was still extremely lazy and wasn't inclined to move around a whole lot this morning, no appetite, no shaking this morning though. Still affectionate and willing to run up to me for hugs and kisses and wag his tail...

I'm hoping this isn't serious and will pass.. but i'm not sure. Have any of you experienced this before?

I havent' heard back yet from my cousin, if she doesn't make it over to check on him I will leave at noon.. if his condition has worsened..then I will consider taking him in to get checked out, but I'm just really worried about him and like any worried Mom.. I just want to be with him to ensure he's okay.. Its just so strange, I would expect if he was ill that there would be some diarrhea or vomitting..but nothing.
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Make sure you let your vet know, before they neuter him. If he's sick/has a partial obstruction or other problem, you don't want him being ansthetized.
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