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Hey guys,

This past week, two non-consecutive days my almost four year old lab has thrown up in the hour-hour and a half before I feed her lunch. Looks like a bit of her breakfast, and a little bit of bile.

She's always eaten three meals. Approx. 630, 12, and 6. I work some weird hours, so those are sometimes stretched in either direction (she comes with me to work). First happened on Tuesday. She ate at 630. At 1130 at the barn, she threw up. I cleaned it up, waited a bit to make sure she was done, then gave her a quarter of her lunch. She was perfect the rest of the day.

On Wednesday, we were off. She ate breakfast at 830 because we all slept in, then lunch at 1, dinner at 6. No pukes, no odd behaviour. On Thursday, we were back at work. Almost the same exact schedule, including puking at 1130. Friday we were off again, same late schedule, no pukes.

She hasn't shown any other ill behaviours. Appetite is as ravenous as ever, drinks a lot, potty schedule the same. My gut says it's some form of hunger pukes, but I can't explain why it's occurring so suddenly or why breakfast to lunch is the trigger.

Also, I'm quite sure it's nothing environmental at the barn. She is always either attached to me or tied up while I work, and her area is always spotless.

I'm going to experiment tomorrow with feeding her lunch an hour early at 11. I think if that seems to solve it, I'll adjust her schedule. If it doesn't, I'll probably schedule a vet visit. I was hoping to avoid that because my older dog is going in for a ton of work on Tues. Obviously, her health is more important than $.

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