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Throwback to Kylo Rens puppy days

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I will post another photo thread with everyones updated pictures. But I wanted to share some puppy cuteness of Kylo (Chihuahua/Yorkie/Shitzu mix). I can't believe he nearly 2 years old! I feel like time is just flying by.

If you don't remember me I used to have an old account on here. I think it might have been TheDarkestMinds. But I lost all that login info. So here I am with a new account. When I post my next photo thread I am sure most of you will recognize my other dogs, Morrison, Fae, and Leia.

Anyways I just wanted to share these. Because they are super cute shots. I just missed out on getting to share them at the time.

I would say he is about 12-16 weeks in these pics.
22 by Samantha, on Flickr

He still has the wonkiest ears. They can never decide what they want to do.
25 by Samantha, on Flickr

Leia and Kylo before he completely won her over lol.
14 by Samantha, on Flickr

"You have treats?!"
15 by Samantha, on Flickr

Scruff Butt
17 by Samantha, on Flickr

20 by Samantha, on Flickr

31 by Samantha, on Flickr
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