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Three Months. Three Cases of Giardia. Preventatives?

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My Aussie pup LOVES to eat the mud in our local dog park. An entire mythology has developed among dog owners on our city must put in its fertilizer to make mud such an attractive diet supplement.

But, that has led her to her third case of giardia.

This is getting tiresome. I dislike pumping her with drugs so much. If people have tips on training her not to eat the mud (which she is doing less and less as I send negative signals . . . but, it's not ending), that would help.

Mostly, I am wondering about preventatives. A fellow dog owner said she gives her dog grapeseed oil extract. I can't find anything about this helping online. But, I have found mention of coconut oil helping. Does anyone have any experience with such approaches?

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I suggest not going to the dog park until your puppy outgrows eating dirt/mud. If she is picking up giardia from the park there is no telling what else she may pick up.
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