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Thought I should say hi

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I am Pippa my dogs name is Millie we are from the UK. Millie is almost a year and a half and due to for her spay and micro chip on Thursday she is a Blue Roan English cocker spaniel who is naturally shy and she has remained so since she was a puppy.

I like to use positive training methods and she is fed on raw I feed her Natural Instinct which she addores! I have often found her comming back to her bowl to lick any potential remains ^^

I enjoy walking my dog and keeping chickens (I have 6 in my back garden all hens)) and growing my own fruit and veg. I currently have peppers and strawberies growing.
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Chickens are great pets and give you something back for your hard work keeping them happy. My 2 Polish hens are 7 now and still lay every summer without fail with my first lot I was told by an avian vet that they only live to around 5 years but I think mine could happily live into their double years. Sorry about your loss :<

Thanks for saying hi ^^
Hello and welcome! :D
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