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anyone else having more then the usual allergy problems this year? Flash always has had allergies in the fall. but this year is terrible so far! He has his yearly "plan" to boost his defense that usually works for him every year with his side doses of medication for his bad days but this year his normal health plan is not even phasing the allergies. I do not like to use medication on him. I went a more natural route and its worked for the last 3 years and this year nothing. So I tried his medication he gets on his bad days. barely helped.

During summer I boost Flashs system with extra doses of vitamins. and plain yogurt. he always get his healthy food. and clean water. and weekly baths of medicated shampoo with a leave in all natural mint conditioner with neem. and this always helps. his flair ups get a dose of calamine lotion. covered with a tshirt to keep from ingesting. this has never failed me =-( until now. He has his allergy pills and Prednisone but I do not like to use them unless i have too. He also has custom made antibiotic solution for any hot spots he creates but I am on top of that and he never usually gets that far.

any other natural suggestions? or anyone else having more problems then usual this year?

flash had to be upgraded from just his T shirt to a tshirt and a boo boo loon. he doesn't mind it at all but poor Flash =-(

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