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This woman makes me sick..

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This video makes me absolutely sick. And the fact that she got off with just misdemeanor charges is so wrong.. I've decided to write to my state representatives (Bud Nornes, Dan Skogen, Collin Peterson, and Amy Klobuchar) and let them know how I feel about this and ask them to stand up against things like this. I'm going to suggest that we find a way to outlaw puppy mills all together, put a limit on how many dogs someone can have to breed, and suggest banning the sale of puppies in pet stores.. How does this sound? What else should I suggest?


Absolutely disgusting.. do you see her picking the puppies up by their legs?? I hope this woman burns in hell for this.. If there is anybody else in Minnesota, Please write to them as well..
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I think the government has better (or SHOULD have better) things to do then decide how many dogs or bitches, or intact dogs you should be allowed to own.

I personally, won't appreciate the government butting into my affairs. I will own as many dogs as I like, and will not have someone telling me how many litters or dogs I can/can't have.
I don't think anyone here is protesting how many dogs this lady has, but her treatment of them. Neglect, along with animal cruelty, is against the law.
The amount of dogs a breeder has and the amount a puppy mill has is hugely different. 16 is a WAY different number than hundreds. Why would anyone feel the need to fight for your right to own hundreds of dogs? Peronally, I would be willing to give up that right to prevent some animal abuse.
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