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This just makes me sad and angry at the same time

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How could you trade your dogs for an XBox 360? I would want at least an XBox 360 and a PS3. (Ok, I'm joking. I wouldn't trade my Zero and my Brutus for anything even if they are a PITA sometimes.) But just look at those two dogs. The pug looks like he may be injured or neglected or a whole lot older than 4 years old. And who would keep a lab and a pug chained up all day?? That is wrong on so many levels I can't even start.
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Ad's not there now.
It's been flagged. I still have it in my browser cache though. Here it is preserved for posterity.

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Very sad indeed. Might work out better for the dogs though...
Um, you don't think this might be a hoax post?
People make me ill. Jeez.
Sounds like it definitely will work out better for the dogs.
I kinda hope someone takes this person up on the offer - anyone who thinks that little of a dog doesn't need one.
Um, you don't think this might be a hoax post?
Not every thing is a "hoax" or "unlikely".

You should see the Detroit Section, OP. Tons of "Would trade for a laptop" and even better "Willing to trade for ANOTHER dog"
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