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This is how it went

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About 2 weeks ago I made a post of Lola and I attending a dog therapy class. We also went last week. The first week we went they were on the fifth week of a six week course. This course was held for one hour each week on the same day and same time.

Tonight was the test for certification of a therapy dog and handler in addition to taking the CGC test which was a separate evaluation. We passed both the therapy and CGC test's. I'm really glad that we passed the CGC test because I never brought Lola to any formal training classes and just trained her myself and it tells me that I must have dine it right. Now that she has the CGC I don't think there is a need for obedience classes. At least not the beginner classes. I don't know what they would do in advanced classes and how much more advanced that would be other than what I have trained her on already.

Now all we have to do is wait for all the proper stuff in the mail and then we can start in the therapy work. :D
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I've thought of working toward getting my dog certified as a therapy dog, but I don't see any really good underlying reason for me to do that. What are you going to have him do as a therapy dog?
She and I will be visiting people in nursing homes, libraries, hospitals and any place else therapy dogs bring smiles to peoples faces. Therapy dogs make places like a stay at a hospital a lot easier for children and adults. It lowers people blood pressure by a pet just being there. For libraries therapy dogs listen to children read out loud. It helps them gain confidence in their reading ability and makes it easier for them to read aloud to a class. For people in nursing homes it helps them by making their time there a little easier. For some people it has made them speak to where they haven't spoken to anyone before.

For people that are living in institutions it gives them something to look forward to. Therapy dogs and their owners/handlers do not get paid monetarily for the work they do but get paid a lot more than any money can pay by helping people live brighter and happier lives. Having Lola certified as a therapy dog will allow us to be in a lot more places together instead of just sitting home and going to the dog park. On a cold winter day we can be together making people happier and do not have to be outside in the cold weather to do it. If I were to have to stay in the hospital I could have Lola brought to me to visit.

Congratulations! The upper level obedience classes usually get you ready for competition obedience....distraction work, high level attention work, problem solving, etc. Alot of folks choose other venues like Agility, Flyball, Rally, Tracking as something/fun to do with their dog(s).

One thing I would like to try with Lola is agility. I'm guessing that it would take a bit of money to do that so maybe I will look into it after I am gainfully employed. Hopefully soon but no prospects yet.
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Congratulations! I am happy for you. I spent a lot of money on various classes for my two dogs. Mainly because I lack confidence in myself to do it on my own. Wish I could've saved the money though! And, as many here know, Lily passed the CGC test last week. I think I will try to get involved with therapy dog work also - when Lily gets a little older.

I know there are a few different outfits that certify for therapy dog. Which one did you go through?
Thanks, We had went through The Bright And Beautiful Therapy Dogs to be certified. Congratulations on you and Lily acheiving CGC.
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