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This is how it went

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About 2 weeks ago I made a post of Lola and I attending a dog therapy class. We also went last week. The first week we went they were on the fifth week of a six week course. This course was held for one hour each week on the same day and same time.

Tonight was the test for certification of a therapy dog and handler in addition to taking the CGC test which was a separate evaluation. We passed both the therapy and CGC test's. I'm really glad that we passed the CGC test because I never brought Lola to any formal training classes and just trained her myself and it tells me that I must have dine it right. Now that she has the CGC I don't think there is a need for obedience classes. At least not the beginner classes. I don't know what they would do in advanced classes and how much more advanced that would be other than what I have trained her on already.

Now all we have to do is wait for all the proper stuff in the mail and then we can start in the therapy work. :D
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Congratulations. And good luck with Lola as a therapy dog. My parents are getting to an age where one of them might have to be in a care facility for a while. I know it would make my mom's day to see a little beauty like Lola while she's there.
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