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This how my dogs play..

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Looks like the puppy free pass is over for Xena. For the first time since she came home, the boys TRIED to beat her up. I say TRIED because as you can see, MY LITTLE GIRL IS A TOUGHIE. Although one yelp from her and the boys know its time to knock it off. Towards the end, you will see Xena going after Abel because her big brother wasn't playing fair by trying to get her by the leg. That's not acceptable, if Abel tried it again one more time even if Xena dont yelp, I would stop him myself.

The video ended with all three calmed down on their own. Like nothing happened. WEIRD DOGS. Then Abel & Xena went after Cain. Then Cain & Xena went after Abel. :D If your heart is weak and you cant stand this kind of playfighting, my dogs are not the right dogs for you. They will always send you to the ER.

I just thought I'd show you how I play with them... :D Yes, I'm a star wars fan.. and I like to be a jedi master! LOL!

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Hahahaha, great vids Mudra. Charlie and Ella play really rough like that too. On occasion I'll intervene if Charlie's getting tooo rough ;) Xena is a big girl now, holding her own huh?
LOL those boys better watch it...wait til Xena finishes growing and filling out, and they will be in trouble!
LOL DM and Shaina.. Give her a couple more months and the boys will have nothing on her. She has the energy and the "smartness" of a woman.. :D
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