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Yesterday while in the city I picked up a stack of new toys for my pup's toy box. Previously she had various squeaky toys, ropes, balls, nylabone etc. I had kong's for her but I had got the wrong one's at first so they were too tough for her to use just yet. So last night I picked up a puppy kong, and a few thinking toys. Delilah LOVES these. I got her the wobble kong and got some chedder treat things to put in it. I have actually put kibble in it with a few of these treats and she has gone nuts for it today. As well I bought her a hide-a-squirrel toy that she figured out very quickly and has spent most of the day with the tree and at least 1 squirrel on her new bed squeaking away. She figured out after only one try how to stick her face in and pull out the squirrel and I know this was one of the best $25 I have spent on her thus far.

That said now that I know she loves these sorts of toys (WAY more than the other toys in her toy box, and her ropes were always favorites before now and today she has not touched them), I am wondering what other thinking toys would be good ones to pick up as I can afford to.

She is only 3.5 months and clearly intelligent and looking for that mental stimulation even in her play. So what are your recommendations for thinking toys for pups?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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