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Thinking of getting a 2nd dog... (am I crazy?)

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So, we have a 16 week old female Akita/GSD puppy, Luna. We originally planned on getting two dogs, but decided to start with one.

Lately, I've been getting the urge to get a 2nd dog. I know most people say to wait until your puppy is 2 (or at least 18 months) before getting another one, but I found a dog that seems like he will be a good fit.

My husband and I had discussed getting a Siberian Husky before we adopted Luna. Then, we planned on getting a Sibe puppy from a reputable breeder after Luna is a bit older.

Now I stumbled upon a Sibe that some people are rehoming (he came to them as a stray, they cleaned him up, searched for the owners, and now are looking for a new home for him).

They said he is 1.5 years old, good with dogs, cats & horses, housebroken/crate trained, and knows his basic commands. If so, somebody took a lot of time with this boy...

He sounds too good to be true. I've emailed the people with questions (was there a vet exam, any health issues, is he neutered, etc.). Can anyone think of any other questions I should ask?

More importantly, am I completely crazy to think of doing this? If we decide to go ahead with this, we'll bring Luna over to meet him prior to making a final decision (he's located about 3 hours away from us)... although I'm a little leery of doing this if he hasn't had a vet exam...
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If you think you can do it, then you can. Just make sure you really think it over, and can provide enough exercise, vet bill, food, toys, attention, etc..for two.
Ask if you can return the dog if it is not working out.
No, if the OP really wants the dog, they should have no thoughts of giving the dog back, and should be ready to accept the full responsibility of having the dog for it's full life. The only reason they would have for giving the dog back was if the dog didn't get along with their puppy, and they would test that when they do a meet and greet.
I think the OP was just joking around when they asked that..it's not nice to categorize the idea as crazy when all they want is two dogs.

It's perfectly possible and plausible to raise a puppy and a dog at the same time.
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