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I agree with LeoRose. When a friend bred her yellow Lab for the first time, she had 8 puppies, I THINK it was 5/3 mix. This dogs 1/2 sister had a litter of 4. My friend hadn't planned on keeping a puppy and had quite the list of people wanting a puppy. She hadn't planned on breeding her again,but the puppies were so nice, she decided to breed one more time, so she can keep a puppy. (no results on that litter yet, and she is due to be bred any day now) She was bred AI.

Another friend with a Collie had 9 for her first litter, and someone else had a first litter of 8 Staffordshire Bull Terriers (I'm waiting for this breeding to take place again)

*all of the dogs mentioned are well bred, titled dogs with health testing done.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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