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Things you're dog loves you to do.

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For Snowball,she loves her belly rubbed.She will fall asleep and wake up when somebody stops. She also likes to play fetch and to be brushed. As for her belly being rubbed,she will literally stay still for the longest time,even at the point of falling asleep.I love my dog,who is a big baby right now.I hope she stays this way,even in adulthood.How about your dog?
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Emmett loves to play ball, its his job, his life. We go trail riding (with my horse) and he loves to go for long walks in the woods. He loooves it when I scratch his belly and to snooze in the sun. Also enjoys being my little shadow whenever I'm home, following me all day, I had to finally put my foot down and make him wait outside the bathroom door. hah! :D
Butch loves it when I am touching him. It doesn't matter if I'm scratching his ears or neck, rubbing his chest or belly, so long as I am touching him and petting, he is in heaven. He's also happy if anyone at the dog park is doing any or all of the above mentioned activities. :D

Roxxy just wants to be where I am. On the bed, in the office, in the living room. She follows me EVERYWHERE. Even the park she is not far from me. So allowing her "in my space" makes her very happy.

Mortimer...well, he's a cat so 'nough said! ;)
Molly loves to play fetch. She loves to run :D She loves to sleep while lying on her back. Oh, and she loves people; She's very much a people-dog :p
Marley loves it when I pet him on his chest and between his front legs. He also loves it when I give him treats, but that probably could have gone without saying!
Sandler LOVES playing fetch and what I think he loves even more is being allowed on my lap. He just jumps right up and curls up immediately and sleeps :) lol it's so cute. I love my 50lb lap dog!!!
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