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There must be something im just not doing right.... please help.

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I've had a puppy golden retriever for about 9 days now. she is just over 2 months old. for the passed 7 nights i have been up throughout the night every 3 hours to take her out to do her business. She was doing great for about 3 days with the 3 hour system, so i decided to graduate to every 4 hours. im very pleased to say that i took her out at midnight and then 4 AM and then at 8 AM and she didnt use my house as her personal toilet the entire night. so i continued with the 4 hour system. every time she does her business outside i praise her and give her a treat. When she has an accident inside i scold her.

Today she pooped 3 times and peed one time in the house between 11 Am and 1 PM.... very very frustrating. Is this normal after 9 days of vigorous training?i thought she was starting to catch on, i guess i was very wrong.

I've been keeping her confined to my bedroom since i got her, and shes doing great in the bedroom. She recognises my bedroom as her home and never poops while shes in the bedroom. I want to monitor everything she does and i dont want to overhwelm her with such a big space until shes house broken. The thing is, the minute i open my bedroom door to take her out into the yard, she decides to storm out into the living room and poop on my moms carpet. no amount of scolding prevents this. Today i caught her in the act and said "No!" agressively and a smacked her. I grabbed my shoes so i can take her out, but while i was grabbing them she continues to poop on the carpet. Finally i braught her outside, where she ran around for 10 minutes but did not do her business. So i thaught it would be ok to bring her in for a while. The minute i got back in, she pooped again.

She recognises the living room rug as her toilet. How can i reverse this?

Also, ive been having an incredibly difficult time walking her. She does NOT want to walk. I have to pick her up and bring her at least a block away from the house so that she doesnt try to turn and run back home, and even then, all she does is hit the brakes and decide shes not moving. I tried tugging gently on her leech to no avail. i tried tugging agressively at her leech to no avail. Ive tried walking around and luring her weith smelly snacks... to no avail. Is it because hses scared? Maybe she just doesnt like to walk? should i just give up on walking her and only take her into the yard for the time being?

This is getting very frustrating guys, i really need some good advice. Or maybe the lack of sleep is just getting to me and im missing the point? Maybe this is all absolutly normal for a 2 month old puppy? if its normal, and you think it will subside with time let me know. Right now im very frustrated and i feel like sacrificing my sleep is absolutly useless, because she does her business in the house anyways.
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The only thing that you are doing wrong is hitting your dog. It won't affect your puppy now...but it will probalby bite you in the butt somewhere down the line.

Puppies potty in the house...it's just what they do. I cannot tell you how many times my puppies either pottied on the floor after 20 mins of being outside or pottied on the floor while I was putting my shoes on to take them outside. It's just what non-house broken dogs do. Have lots of cleaning supplies on hand and get some patiences....it will be awhile before she doesn't potty in the house at all.

Have fun if your carpet is white or off-white...mine is basically ruined :p
Once in a blue moon...not every time s/he goes potty on the floor. if I had hit my puppies for going on the floor....yeah....I would be hitting them a lot.
The dog will eat when she feels like it.... if i put food in an empty bowl, theres no guarentee she will eat it when i want her to. she will just eat it when shes hungry... how am i suposed to decide when my dog eats?
Scheduled feeding times help a lot. Even somewhere around the same times each day can help. I feed my pup between 9-10am and between 6-7pm (depending on when I get up, etc). Sometimes if hubby and I go out, she won't eat until 9pm....but most days she eats around the same time. I only do free-feeding once the dogs are fully or almost fully potty-trained.

I leave the food down for about 15-20 minutes, and if they don't eat it...then I take it up. They will eat when they are hungry and missing a meal here or there won't hurt them.

I cannot stress enough: patience is very very very important. Puppies poop and pee on the floor....I think most of us here are used to picking up poo and wiping up pee, lol...but we weren't always. It takes time on both ends...it takes time for the puppy to understand that outside is for potty, not inside....and it takes time for us humans to realize and be okay with that.

Good luck.
Def agree, a crate is wonderful. Although my first dog pooped in it a lot when she was a puppy...which sucked, it was such a pain to clean out. But my 2nd puppy peed in it once and hasn't since....so...IDK depends on the dog I think.
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