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I really wanted to talk about my dog, Gonzo. Because he's the first non-shepherd dog I've ever had.
I remember when I first got my Rottweiler/American Bulldog mix, Gonzo. He was about six weeks, too young to be picked up, but my mom and her boyfriend picked him and his sister up anyways. I remember hopping in the car, and seeing these two mewling puppies next to me. I picked one up, and asked about them. They told me that one of the puppies was for the boyfriend's kids. I said he looked like a Gonzo, and they tried naming him George. However, he only started responding to the name Gonzo, and soon enough all four dogs we had were my own little pack and turned to me for everything first. I had the connections with Angel, Demon, Sophie, and Gonzo. However, after having to surrender Angel because of disagreements in the household, my mom gave up Sophie and Gonzo.

About a year later, I found Gonzo back up for sale for a rehoming fee of $150 dollars. He was unfixed, always in his kennel, and had no training. But when I did a visit with him, he had grown into this beautiful, strong young adult. He wasn't thin, but he had such a hyperactive attitude, he was everywhere. He also had this dry skin problem, with dandruff and his fur was so greasy. I was able to get him for $25 dollars. I took him home, and began his training. Granted, I couldn't train him in front of my roommates because of disagreements in training within my household, I spent all my free time training him. Soon enough he started learning some manners, which improved even more after getting fixed. But I really want to tell the story of the second night he was home.
A day before we took him in to get neutered, I was at a friend's house for dinner. My mom picked me up and when we got back, I realized that my mom's boyfriend and his kids did not use the lead that I had set up for Gonzo to use. Not only that, but they didn't let him out separate from our female, who's the boyfriend's dog, and the worst part was that she was in heat, and he was unfixed. I had before stressed to everyone that they had to be separate for a few days, maybe for a few weeks. But they still ignored that and let both of them out unsupervised. To be frank, I was livid, because Gonzo and Demon were not coming home when called. I was so mad and spewed out how incompetent they were when caring for any sort of animal.
Demon came home three hours later, all muddy, and Gonzo was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere. Up until about 5 am when I went to bed finally. I woke up again at seven, still so upset, when one of the kids opened the door, and Gonzo comes trotting in, and immediately heads to my room. He proceeded to jump on my bed, lay down, and rested his head on my chest and forelegs across my stomach. I was still mad at everyone, and have since not trusted them with Gonzo ever again, but I was amazed that Gonzo had come back, and stayed on the porch until someone let him in.
He was in time for his vet appointment.
Since this scare - Demon is also not pregnant, thankfully - I have been diligent in not leaving this family to watch him alone, but I have set up a large dog kennel for outside, and two leads have been set up for the two dogs, because Demon's owner still refuses to get her spayed.

I really wanted to tell this because I don't think I have ever had a dog that has been out all night and then come back. I also just wanted to say to be careful who you leave your dog with, family (or roommates) or not. It was just amazing how he was only at that house for two days and he still knew where to come back too.
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