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the very first day our puppy comes home...

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I have a schedule and a routine but I haven't really thought about the first day. We'll be in the car with her for 2 and 1/2 hrs bringing her come. What do we do when she first enters the apt? Walk her around on a leash ? and begin crate training? It will probably be in the evening 6pm if this matters. Looking for the best way to handle, thanks.
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Before you ever take her inside, let her go potty! lol. After that bring her in, on a leash and walk her around if you'd like. Watch her very closely to make sure she doesn't decide to squat and relieve herself. After that get her some food and water, and then take her back out again after about 15-30 minutes. Then if she potties, enjoy her for a while. Play with her let her get to know you. She will most likely be tired pretty quickly so you can stick her in the crate at this time if you'd like. Give her a toy and a treat when sticking her inside so she learns her crate is a good thing.
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