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the very first day our puppy comes home...

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I have a schedule and a routine but I haven't really thought about the first day. We'll be in the car with her for 2 and 1/2 hrs bringing her come. What do we do when she first enters the apt? Walk her around on a leash ? and begin crate training? It will probably be in the evening 6pm if this matters. Looking for the best way to handle, thanks.
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Nuclear_Glitter gave good advice. Give her 5-10 minutes outside in the grass to give her a chance to pee. I like to walk them on leash through the apartment. Close any doors you don't want her going through yet. Everything is completely new to her so she will likely be overstimulated. I like to close all the doors and have a limited space initially for her to explore, then as she adjusts open one door at a time. You can play but don't be tossing every toy you have at her. Basically let her do her own thing at first but keep a close eye on her and be with her as she explores. Pet her, praise her, love on her, and have fun!
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