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Well, a while ago we got Caeda a pulling harness and it was suggested to us to start out with a spare tire or something to pull. So that's what we did.

We managed to upload the video of one of our earliest attempts. I had done a couple tries with her just in the front yard, just a few feet at a time. She was ready to rock. So we took her up our long driveway. She wasn't so good at going in a straight line (getting better since the vid, less spinning in circles), and a spare tire barely slows her down. She actually wanted to go through the snow with it, so we let her (ready to stop if she looked like she was straining), no problems except she sat down once. She kept going faster than we could keep up with! When we got home all she wanted to do was play more.

We're working on getting her to go straight now, but not adding any more weight yet (except the occasional light garbage bag she helps take to the dumpster!).
Anyway, here is the vid, enjoy! (feel free to laugh at my DH almost tripping on the tow line)
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