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The story of Ella

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-keep in mind, I'm still in school, so yes, I live with my parents.

I always wanted a German Shepherd, so when my mom's partner at work bought an all black german shepherd, I immediately was begging him to breed Stella and I'd buy one of her puppies. So, when her sister, Ella came up on a breeding program page, I died. I asked my mom to call and we were Ella's first appointment. When we got there, we played with Ella and she'd only bring her toy to me, and she was rubbing on me like a cat. After that, I went in with my mom and I filled out the paper work. I was getting my dream dog :) I always wanted to be one of those people who brought their dogs everywhere, and my two cairn terriers don't like going places. Yesterday, I brought Ella to a dog park to play with her sister Stella. They swam in the creek, and played fetch.. It was so much fun! Now I take Ella to the store with me, and I play with her constantly, sleep with her on the couch at night, groom her, and am currently training her to do agility. I love my GSD!!

For those who are training, the best treat is this Natural Balance treat stick. I cut it up into slices and my dogs will do anything ANYTHING for it. So, this is what I'm training Ella with. Right now, I'm introducing her to jumps, hoops, and weaving. Once she's comfortable I will take her to her breeder. Tell you how it goes!!
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