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The Scary Teeter!!

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Took Bayley to the trainer's yesterday to do a little practice. Decided, ok, Miss Dog you are going to go across the practice teeter. So it's very low and nice and wide. I put some foam pads under the end so it was pretty much level, only moved about an inch. Well we made it across 3 times, she tried to jump off a few times but I thought it wasn't a good idea for her to get the idea she could do. So with lots of treats and taking it nice and slow, she managed to do it. I figured she was handling it pretty well, still taking treats with no problem. Then we had some fun with tunnels and the a-frame in between tackling that scary teeter. Now of course she's decided the dog walk is scary too because of the ramp and width...ah well...we'll get it!

Of course today on our run she was flying up and down rock cuts like they were nothing!
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I understand backchaining, so how would I start that on the teeter. I can go pretty much anytime to practice so I can work on that on my own.
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