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I browsed through the stickies and other threads of the forum, but I didn't find something like this. Feel free to delete this thread if I'm repeating something that already exists somewhere else.

I just wanted to make a list of items I'll be needing before having a dog. Most of these are expenses only for the first year, but I thought a list would put the cost of having a dog into perspective. I marked with a * items that need to be purchased more than once. The itallics are for updated suggestions. Let me know if I'm missing anything.

House Items:
-Something to hide exposed wires.
-Baby-proof drawers and electric outlets.
-Container for dog food.
-Dog food.*
-Crate. (The size the dog will grow up to, with a divider to make it smaller)
-Play pen
-Dog bed.*
-Kongs (2x?) and other feeding games (buster cube).* (I suppose you buy bigger kongs as the dog grows)
-Water bowl (two if garden).
-Misc. toys (balls, skinneeez, soft toys, rope toys, toys with squeakers [careful they don't chew the squeaker out], softish rubber toys that can be chewed on -toys for later: flirt pole)*
-Plenty of absorbing paper. (wee wee pads?)*
-Enzymatic cleaner.*
-Doggy Shampoo.*
-Soft rubber brush (as they grow old, a brush for its type of fur).
-Nail clipper.
-Doggy toothbrush.*
-Doggy toothpaste.*
-Plenty of treats.*
-Doggy Blanket
-Toddler gate(s) (the distance between tubes should be shorter than the dog's head to avoid getting stuck/breaking through)
-Toy box
-Bitter spray.
-Food Bowl

Outside Items
-ID tag.
-Doggy bags.*
-Doggy bag container.
-Treat bag.
-Towel? (for drying after being out in the rain).
-Outside use toys.*
-Portable water bottle.

Human Gear
-Waterproof shoes/wellingtons. (It's Holland so it rains all year round.)
-Good rain gear.
-Ear muffs?
-Bag to carry dog things.
-Easy to put on shoes. (I think I have these)

Other Expenses to be Covered Within a Year
-Puppy training lessons.*
-Pet health insurance.* (Monthly fee)
-Vaccines (4x shots the first year- depends on area, ask vet).*
-General health inspection.*
-Dog walker (emergencies).*
-Doggy hotel (in case of vacations).*
-Heartworm pills
-Flea/tick preventive

Thank you for the suggestions so far and let me know if I'm missing anything.

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Alright! Those are nice additions! I'll edit the main post to add them to the list.
I'll also change odor masking cleaner to enzymatic cleaner.

Thanks so much for the suggestions!
We are considering a Golden Retriever puppy. My only experience with puppies was with my mum's Maltese and I left home when she was just a puppy... I've never had a dog that big before, so I really want to do it right from the start. It's very difficult to change the old ways of a dog, I think. My mum's dog is a handful to train... then again, since she lives with my mum, any progress I make is lost the moment she sees my mum.

We don't really have a garden to put a second water bowl, but maybe a portable water bottle for when we go out?
I'll remember to buy the less expensive toys/bed until she grows/chooses which toys she likes best.
I had never heard of wee wee pads before, but looking it up I see they're part of some indoor potty machine. I suppose I can buy them separately and just use them, right?
I can change the dry shampoo for regular shampoo. I remember when my mum got her dog they told her not to bathe her more than once every six months, which is why I thought dry doggy shampoo would do better.
Those were amazing suggestions! I'm really grateful for your feedback!

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I've found some Dutch shops that import them here. They don't seem that expensive, tho, so I will give it a try. Thanks! :D

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I've downloaded it. Still need to read them through, but I'll do it, soon. I'm an avid reader.
I know it's going to be a challenge making her stop biting things I don't want her to... but I've always wanted a dog that has an actual interest in chew toys. Even when she was little, my mum's dog would just sniff them and ignore them. Then again, she has never been too motivated when it comes to playing. If you try playing fetch with her, she'll rarely do it (and after three times she'll decide she's had enough and goes off). Most of the times, she sees you trowing the toy, she'll look at the toy and then she'll look at you like "and what did you do that for, huh? Silly human" and she walks away...
Do you think one of those pet fountains (like the ones people have for cats) could prevent her splashing in the water dish?
I might not have the space for a kiddie pool, but we live really close to the beach and it was my hope I could take her for walks there (except if the water is frozen). My husband says his previous Golden used to love diving in the water so much she would jump into almost every water body she saw. Though I don't want her to be that crazy about water that she runs off without me allowing it, I'm hoping that if she gets some quality time in the water every week, she'll be calm about it and listen to me. I mean here where I live, there's canals every other block...
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