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Wow! That's a pretty complete list!
- You might also want a baby or toddler gate, if you would ever like to confine your dog to a certain room or certain part of the house (most dogs don't like the isolation of a completely closed door).

- Kongs can grow as the dog grows, our pups love peanut butter in their kongs, sometimes we just stuff dry treats in, sometimes a combination of peanut butter and treats. You can also use the dog's kibble. And, you can stuff them with cottage cheese or yogurt. Freezing the stuffed kongs overnight makes it harder for them to get the good stuff out, so it takes longer! :)

- Toys: we like a variety, and we're always searching for new and interesting toys. But, we always have some kind of rope toys, some squeaky toys (be careful that you monitor these, lots of dogs like to chew the actual squeaker out....), some Skineez (like a stuffed animal but without the stuffing), balls and other things that bounce! Different dogs like different types of toys, so start with a variety, and you will soon find what your dog likes the most!

- "Odor masking cleaner": be careful here, you don't really want "odor masking", you want an enzymatic cleaner that will actually break down the enzymes in the urine or feces, so the stain is completely gone. Lots of household cleaners may SAY they are for pet stains, but, if they aren't "enzymatic" cleaners, they may only be masking the stain, removing enough of it so we humans think it's gone. But, dogs have a much stronger sense of smell, so they will know it's still there!

- Doggy blankets: our dogs are "digging" breeds, so they LOVE to dig and nest in blankets. They are small breeds so we get regular fleece blankets and cut them down to a smaller size and hem them. Actually, we usually just go to the fabric store and get yards of fleece and hem them. We have them all over the house, so the dogs can have their own cozy blanket to snuggle with!

You sound very prepared! What kind of dog are you planning for?
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