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Suuki has just discovered her voice. It is kinda cute really. Someone walks by our back gate and she will bark and look all confident and proud. Or when other dogs in the area bark (their fool heads off) she joins in. She really only barks for those two reasons. 1) another dog barks, or 2) someone is wandering around our property.

I have been reading about teaching your dog to bark on command so that you can teach them to stop on command. That makes sense to me. I dont want to get angry at her for barking, I dont want barking to be perceived as negative. Because I want her to bark if she thinks something is fishy.

But I dont know how to get her barking so that I can encourage it, so that I can teach her to stop when asked... she really only barks when there is a reason - that is not an ideal training moment. :rolleyes:

haha the door bell is a no go - we do not have enough people coming to our door, so the sound means nothing.

So how do you get your doggies barking? Woof at them, and hope they catch on? Wait until they do bark on their own?
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