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here's some articles that i wanted to share... :p


it needs a lot of courage to keep on moving... i admire them n their owners lot




Chile - 2008

hey these below are not my words.. I cut-n-paste since they are more expressive than wat i can say

This is one of those things that will make your heart bleed. This dog saves dog video starts with a gruesome recording of one dog getting hit by a car. Towards the end of video another dog enters to scene and despite busy traffic, starts pulling the injured dog, that was still alive to the side of the road, away from crazy traffic. Realizing that injured dog is in pain, the saving dog used his paws, rather than teeth to drag wounded animal to safety.

Dog saves dog is an incredible showcase of animal genuinity and care. I wish one could say that about people. While dog risks his life to save another pooch, no driver actually stopped. They showed no respect for other living creatures. It’s terrible.


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