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I recently the switch from using a collar to using a harness. And I can honesty I regret nothing about it. Now my dog (Willow, a border collie) never has coughing fits, collar burns or gagging from the strain on her neck. Walking her is so much easier (But it never really was hard). I don't feel bad that her neck will hurt when making corrections, having the harness is a dream come true.

For anyone who was considering switching to a harness please do. It is easier to walk your dog and overall will be better for your dog to not have strain on there neck. But I would only suggest getting a harness for dogs that are well trained on the leash and don't pull (my Willow only pulls when she sees another dog...we're working on that). I hoped this helped anyone who wanted to make the switch :)


P.S. Harnesses come in all different sizes and looks adorable on any dog!
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