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The mal pups

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Have grown a little :) having a blast! The other two will be picked up soon, one this weekend, one next. Such a handle! Love the babies though. Had a setback with one pup, Stitch, hence the name, had to have her face sutured back together. One of the adults had enough, the pups just won't quit, and attacked her. Surgery went well, she has healed up, but has decreased her braveness for the time being. Glad I was there, would have been really bad if not. Puppyhood :)


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I want one so bad, maybe after I get my next terv. :) They obviously working dogs so perfect for agility! Oh the possibilities. That mask, will it stay that black?
Too much dog.
Thats why I am hesitant in getting one. I wanna make the dog a great example. Not ruin it lol. They certainly are awesome looking puppies :) they look a bit different to the mals here in australia that I have seen.
Mashlee, I handle so many I was almost shocked when she said he was too hard to handle, I thought, he is only 13 weeks old! Then, comparing him to normal puppies, I see why lol. I offered her another, a female who is pretty laid back, but she was afraid the breed itself is too much. You own a terv? Shouldn't be a whole lot of difference, though the mals are bred to be more high drive in the working dogs. I have only worked with one terv and she was really calm, but well trained, and had plenty of drive and stamina. Going with a calmer pup from a litter I think you would be pleased.
Haha yeah I easily know how you could have thought that, I guess they just become a normal puppy when you deal with them so long. My breeder friend had one of her tervs come back because she was too rambunctious as well. It is funny no matter how much drive you tell people they have got, they dont believe it till they experience it. Well they didnt put it that way the said she was mental. I got lucky with my girl though, she is the most laid back Belgian I have ever known. So it'll be interesting when I get a working boy, I asked for the most driven of the litter. Yeah I am crazy I know hehe. I will look into that though when the time is right, definitely a dog on my bucket list! I have been contemplating search and rescue and I think the short coat would be better then the long coat of the terv.
Yeah it gets seriously hot where I am located now, so wouldn't be fair on a long coated dog. But its something I am seriously thinking about, I cant do dog handling or sniffer work cos I am not an australian citizen and that bums me out heaps. Being a vet tech is great, but its not where my heart lays. I could always apply to be a citizen though.
Oh he sounds like an awesome little man! That is the belgian for you, before you know it you are their slave and not the other way round lol. Belgians are probably one of the hardest puppies to own. Too smart for their own good.
Middle pups I could understand they tend to do well at most things, when do you typically start training the dogs for sar?
I just sent an email off to search and rescue dogs australia :) no more procrastinating!
Wonderful! You will have to send some mal pics from Australia, since they look different :)
Hehe when I see the next one I will! I only mentioned they look different as your mals seem alot darker in the face and coat then ones that I have seen, like some of the puppies on the trailer seem to have black overlay.
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