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The mal pups

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Have grown a little :) having a blast! The other two will be picked up soon, one this weekend, one next. Such a handle! Love the babies though. Had a setback with one pup, Stitch, hence the name, had to have her face sutured back together. One of the adults had enough, the pups just won't quit, and attacked her. Surgery went well, she has healed up, but has decreased her braveness for the time being. Glad I was there, would have been really bad if not. Puppyhood :)


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I want one so bad, maybe after I get my next terv. :) They obviously working dogs so perfect for agility! Oh the possibilities. That mask, will it stay that black?
It should ok the darkest two pups. The.male.was returned. Too much dog. He is the darkest of the group.
More pics. Greta is training the pups on rubble the junk trailer lol


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The one on the end is Hunter, he is going as a FEMA task force prospect. I think he will do awesome!

Mashlee, I handle so many I was almost shocked when she said he was too hard to handle, I thought, he is only 13 weeks old! Then, comparing him to normal puppies, I see why lol. I offered her another, a female who is pretty laid back, but she was afraid the breed itself is too much. You own a terv? Shouldn't be a whole lot of difference, though the mals are bred to be more high drive in the working dogs. I have only worked with one terv and she was really calm, but well trained, and had plenty of drive and stamina. Going with a calmer pup from a litter I think you would be pleased.
Sar is awesome! Here in the south, the short coat is a must have. So many briers, stickers, swamp mud, and ticks! Plus working in the summer with high humidity and temps, you need to have access to water to cool them, the longer coated dogs would never be dry lol.

Rao, the returned pup, obviously learned he gets a reaction from biting. He will bark and lunge to nip, typical 13 week old mal :), and got pretty mad when I ignored it and walked off. He lunged from behind, and firmly attached himself to my left butt cheek. Lost another pair of jeans.
Once that gets redirected to a tug he should be awesome! For sar, I like the middle pups. Not the bullies, not the quiet ones, but the ones who just seem to blend in the litter. They seem to be the easiest to train, will range easily, and like to work with you. The bullies test your patience every step of the way, do their own thing, and self reward more. The quiet ones don't have the braveness to get up and go on a real busy scene.

I think his new owner thought he was a mental case too lol. She was just very polite about it. In two weeks time, he took over the household, her six year old daughter, and two other dogs. Of course, I'm thinking, well sure, he is a mal :).
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Anywhere from 12 weeks up. Simple runaways for live find dogs, and the hrd dogs can start on odor recognition using walk overs. Some don't like to start until a year old or so. As long as it is always fun, short enough and simple enough for the pups attention span, they love to do it.
I don't use any corrections when starting working them. If they get it wrong, we just go back a step. I never want the dogs to see it as work, only a fun game and they end up living to work!
Wonderful! You will have to send some mal pics from Australia, since they look different :)
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