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Hi Everyone,

As some of you might have read, my wife and I decided to adopt a puppy last weekend, we were told she's a golden retiever and border collie mix, however she closely resembles a black lab right now, she's only 15 weeks old. She was found on the side of the road with her entire family, it seems someone just left them there. When they were found the father was protecting her and her 2 siblings while the mother was frantic.

When we first brought her home she was very lathargic, didn't want to do anything except sleep really. Yesterday she showed some signs of life while playing in the backyard and today after we went for our early morning walk she wanted to play with the wife, it seems like her personality is finally starting to show through.

We are having a few problems however which I'd like to ask you all about, I realize they won't be fixed immediately and we're VERY willing to work with her but since we're both first time dog owners, we'd like some guidance.

First and foremost her foster home had her on a bed at 9 wake at 5 schedule which we'd like to change. Last night we kept her awake until about 10:30, she immediately wandered over to her crate to go to bed, but she still woke up at 5! How can we change this easily? Is it best to just go on our schedule cold turkey or should we slowly try to bring her into it?

Also she likes to whine a lot if we leave the room and when she wakes up. I understand we're suposed ot ignore this and hope that it goes away, it usually works except in the mornings. I've noticed though that if I just exclaim "HEY" she stops. Should I stop doing this and just try ignoring it?

We gave her a bath last night and found her shivering which I think was from fear. Is there an easy way to comfort her while cleaning her?

I think because of her being on the side of the road she's a little skittish around cars passing us while we walk. Will being just a confident walker come to her over time?

I also had a little issue with her when I turned the TV on for the first time, she started barking at it and again starting shivering (from fear I'm assuming). I'm sure she'll get used to it quickly but how do you explain TV to a dog?

All in all she's a great puppy so far, she has learned that she needs to sit to get her food, enter the house, pass through any gates, or allow us to walk through the gates ourselves. We're still trying to train her to sit when we ask her to but thats in progress.

We luckily haven't had any accidents yet in the house (knock on wood), although I attribute that to us taking her out often, we still don't know what she'd do if she was inside and had to go. We'll test that out in a weeks time since she's still trying to get used to us and our home.

Thanks in advance for any tips you could share with us!


PS. pictures are coming soon

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Congratulations! Welcome to the life of dog owners. Sadly, I myself haven't quite figure out how to CHANGE my dogs INTERNAL CLOCK. No matter how late at night we go to bed, Cain always wake up at 6. Weekends included. I have since adjusted myself to his routine and is quite happy I did. Waking up early means being able to do alot of things compare to sleeping in till noon. :D

Our pup Xena used to be a little scared of vehicles too. But after a few more walks with her, she got used to it. I have no explanation about the TV. My dogs bark when a dog barks on tv show. Xena particularly like Animal Planet, she doesn't bark at the screen when it is on no matter how many barking dogs are being shown.

Ignore the whinning. It will not last forever. When Cain & Abel were puppies, Abel only whined for a day, Cain whined for a whole week. You will not believe how different they are even though they came from the same litter. I got lucky with Xena. She is so crate trained she will sleep inside any crates, including the ones that isn't hers. :D

GOOD LUCK!!! This is a good place to learn alot of things especially new dog owners. I learned alot from here, too and I am very happy I found this forum.

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awww she's cute...Ruby was scared of baths as well...I had my 6 year old get in the tub with her and play (with no water in it) gradually we started adding a little water...now when she knows soemone is in teh tub she will try to jump right in with them, if the door isn't closed she is succesful lol.
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