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The Fearful Dog Thread

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Would love to hear your prior success stories and current works-in-progress with dogs that have behavior problems which are fear-based. What fears did they have and what did you do/are you doing to get them through it? How long did it take to see drastic improvement?

I'll be back with mine tomorrow...
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Tiberius is a 3 year old husky who was born and raised to be a sled dog. His two brother and him went to live with a family in Caribou, ME where they started training the dogs to pull. Tiberius was terrified of the sled so his family decided to get rid of him. He was rehomed but returned once before I got him and he is afraid of everything. Sudden movements, loud noises, new people, new objects in the house, other dogs, leaves, everything.

Recently I took him out on our usual mile or so walk. We met with my neighbor, Sonny, an elderly war vet. Sonny and I were standing in the driveway talking and Tiberius, who normally would be trying to run, actually went up and sniffed Sonny. He even let Sonny scratch behind his ears. Tiberius has met Sonny several times before, but this was a first for my dog. :D That is how he has been with every person in my neighborhood recently (with one exception). After a few moments of hiding behind me he will very hesitantly go up and say hi.
He is also getting much better about meeting new dogs. He used to cower and hide behind me whenever we met a new dog on the street, ut now, as my neighbors realize he is a sweet boy, Tiberius will, hesitantly, go up and say hi and sniff the other dog. There is a little dachsund on our street who thinks she is the size of Tiberius, and loves to try to play with him and her owner was so suprised at how gentle he was with her.
He was also terrified of his metal food and water dishes. I decided to get him a bit larger food and water dish, and bought plastic ones. He never runs when I put down his food or refill his water now.
He is still terrified of going through doors, but we are working on that. He is also terrified of my father in law but my father in law is 6 foot 4 and very loud. We're also still working, slowly, on his fear of parked cars. Lately when he gets scared, instead of running, he will walk up to me, sit then lean his head on my leg. I just stand there and rub the top of his head until he is comfortable with the situation.
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Yay for Oliver and Poca!!

This is a repost..I couldn't find this thread and in my excitement for my dog started a new one..so I'll just repost his good day here..

Its a warm day here in Maine, almost 80 degrees. I took Tiberius for his afternoon walk and of course all the kids are out to play. We went down to our neighbor's house because they all love Tiberius. He actually sat calmly and let all four kids pet him! He didn't run! He let both parents come up and pet him! He did so well!! They brought him out some ham, and broke it into pieces. Each child got a piece and he took the treats gently and slowly from each kid!! I am so impressed!! Yay for my shy boy!
It was a very good day. He didn't run from my car in the driveway either. Winniec, How are you working with Poca on the thunderstorms? My future in-laws have a lab mix who has to be drugged for most storms. I'm looking for ways to help the poor girl.
Yay Wally!!

JustTess, I know they try the massage thing with their dog, but she is hard to get ahold of. She runs around yelping and crying like someone is hurting her.
MM, I'm glad to hear Marge did good on the board walk. :) I'm finding getting Tiberius used to other people is the hardest for him.

Winniec, hopefully she doesn't get too bad with the storms. I know with Sadie Mae, the in laws dog, it horrible to be there when there is a storm.

Jesirose, I'm gonna try some of what you suggested with Tiberius. See if maybe I can get him over his people shyness. Although he is doing much better.

I took Tiberius out for his walk this afternoon, and he walked calmly though the front door and screen door instead of panicing and bolting through the door. :D He also didn't run from the one neighbor guy he is afriad of. He let the gentleman scratch behind his ears then sat calmly next to me.
After a couple rough days with Ti, we had another breakthrough today. We were walking and one of my neighbors was walking on the other side of the road, and she commented on how pretty Tiberius was...so we went over and said hi. He approached her and let her pet him without shying away!! Now we are back to him being afraid of my parked car though...*sigh*
I love to hear all the good stories of all the braver fraidy dogs. :D
This is a bump and a brag.

I took Tiberius out on a two mile walk tonight with one of my neighbors. He did great. He didn't panic when cars went by. He even sat for me when three motorcyles sped by. He approached a man building a fenced area for his wife's dogs (Johnny and June...they are soo cute). Tiberius let a teenage boy approach him and even wagged his tail a bit. Then the little Maltese boy, Johnny, came out to visit. Him and Tiberius pounced around and played on the sidewalk and the front yard. :D It was a great walk.
hehe. A Fearful dog convention would be rock, MM! I don't know about anyone else, but for me driving 3 to 6 hours isn't out of the ordinary...we have nothing up here.
The farthest I've traveled with Tiberius is to the next town...its about a 10 minute drive. lol. It would be my first road trip with a dog...but I bet it'd be fun Tiberius loves McNuggets..but they have to be cold...he won't eat them warm..he is odd

Here is a pic of Tiberius and Johnny...they were nose to nose before the camera clicked.
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Good luck to Marge!! Hopefully all goes well MM.
Yay!! I'm glad both Poca and Marge had good days. It makes me smile.

Tiberius went to my mom's today. He got into a small scuffle with their dog. But otherwise the visit went well. I have been taking him over there a couple times a week for playdates...and they have been going well.
It does Winniec. I took him out for his early evening walk, and they are doing all kinds of work on our road. He didn't even look at the equipment he was too busy doing Zoomies on his long leash in the front yard. I posted pics in the pictures forum of Tiberius and his playmate.
YAY!! Softball and baseball practices have started here. Tonight I decided Tiberius and I would go to the park that is next to the baseball field. We got there and found out there was a practice going. Ti could care less about the ball players or the two screaming kids. He was enamored with investigating all the playground equipment. Then on the walk home he visited all the neighbors and didn't shy away from anyone. :D
I'd like to get him into agility, even though he is kinda clutzy. :) I think it would help him tremendously..but we have no agility classes up here. We have basic obediance classes, which we are going to be attending after my mom's wedding. Wow..Marge is kicking arse at the agility classes huh? Currently Tiberius is zonked out at the foot of the stairs, snoring. He is a tired pup. Tomorrow is another playdate with Casanova. We'll see how it goes.
For Horses we'd get some metal coffee cans, and quick dry cement with PVC pipes not sure how it would work for dogs but its an idea. :) I am going to start doing some stuff with him in the back yard (but my yard is mostly hill) I may have to take him to the park and set him up with some stuff there. He was really good with the playground equipment, so maybe we'll use the balance beam that is there for a jump...
Wow..Wally is doing awesome.
yay for Poca!! Tiberius is good with storms too...but he pace the house he whole time. *sigh*

Tiberius is in the midst of a big test. He is staying at my mom's for a week and a half while I'm on vacation. He has his buddy, Casanova, to play with but still...I worry about it. I miss him already. :(
Glad to hear everyone is having good days with their dogs, for the most part. That quote is so very true. I just got back from 11 days away from my doggie. He did so beautifully while I was gone. Had a couple accidents while at my mom's house but no dog fights or anything. :D I am glad to be home. I missed my mutt.
Hei s pretty quiet actually Winnie. Once and a while he does this little whine/bark that sounds too small for his big ol' body but that is about it. He is alot more outgoing now then he was when I left. A week and a half with another dog did great things for him. :D
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