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The Fearful Dog Thread

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Would love to hear your prior success stories and current works-in-progress with dogs that have behavior problems which are fear-based. What fears did they have and what did you do/are you doing to get them through it? How long did it take to see drastic improvement?

I'll be back with mine tomorrow...
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My Max was rescued from an abusive outdoor only home. :( He was scared of ppl, particularly men, and would urinate in fear at least 5-6 times every day the first few months. I think having other dogs has helped more than anything I have done. He just follows their lead, and he's learned that he doesn't have to be scared. Hand feeding him didn't hurt, either. Now, he's a changed dog. He's so happy to see us and some friends and family members. He wags his tail constantly, and he loves his dog beds. Teaching him to sit, down, speak, etc. have really boosted his confidence. He's such a sweetie. Patience is definitely the key with him. I wanted to bad just to hug him when we first got him, but that would've gotten me peed on. Now, he'll come ask to be picked up when I'm watching tv.
My Maximus, my little abused longhair Dachshund, barked at me to get into my lap a few days ago. I didn't think he liked to sit with me, I usually only do it when I cut his nails. But he barked while I was sitting in the computer chair (the only chair in the living room they're allowed on) and he howled at me. I looked down, and he was doing a happy wiggle dance. I asked if he wanted up, and he launched at me. He even wagged his tail when he was sitting with me.

I've also noticed he's excited to go on walks now. He doesn't just go anymore bc the other dogs are going. He doesn't cower anymore when I put his harness on. I'm just so happy for my little man. He's a totally different dog than the one that came to us a year ago next month.
I love the good updates with Marge. Gives me hope for my little girl. We're getting her thyroid tested next month.

On a side note. My Max that is my scaredy boy, walked up to 5 people he'd never met before and asked to be pet! I had a jewelry party at my house, and there were some ppl that had never come to my house, so they'd never met Max. I was so proud of him. The guests trickled in slowly, about 20 minutes apart, I think that helped a lot. He greeted each one, and he even reared up so my friend's grandmother could pet him. He was enjoying himself.

He spent the rest of the party asleep in my sister's lap, again a plus. I'm so glad he's doing better.

My girl still makes me crazy. She's so anxious, but she reacts, she doesn't shut down. She'll bark, or growl, at anything that she sees as a threat to her, and they're never the same thing. She has calmed down in the house a lot, so that's a plus.
1 - 3 of 904 Posts
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