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Our doggies have memory. Often, they record the emotions associated with certain events and experiences, including visits to the veterinarian. When they return, these same feelings come back and can put the dogs in a state of stress. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to help him to go beyond these difficulties.

We do not always live very serenely visits to the doctor. It's exactly the same with our dog friends, who can apprehend the consultation with the veterinarian. Stressed and anxious, dogs are put uncomfortable by a variety of things associated with the firm specialist: Vaccine past consultations with their lots, manipulation and other unpleasant examinations, smells, other animals, etc. When not reassured, the dog can complicate the progress of the visit and make the work of the veterinarian much more difficult.

Get used to being manipulated
The dog must be used to being touched, massaged, and probed from an early age. It is up to the owner to familiarize himself with these manipulations which will be later practiced by the veterinarian.
Open the mouth to check the condition of his teeth, lift his leg to examine more closely, raise his ears or tail to verify that everything is fine ... These simple operations are to be realized very early and with great gentleness so that the animal is allowed to do during its consultations.
Of course, we must not forget to reward him for his good attitude displayed after these manipulations.

To visit the veterinary office more often
Going to see the vet more often also helps to demystify this appointment and make it banaler in the dog's mind.
In addition to the annual check-up with the veterinarian, the dog can be taken to the practice several times a year, but not examined. In this way, the visit to the veterinarian will not automatically mean that he will be examined. The staff of the office will warmly greet and caress him, which will strengthen the association of a positive feeling with the visit to the veterinary practice.

Make him exercise before the visit
If the dog is a little too stressed on the day of the visit, we can take him for a walk and play with him beforehand.
These activities and exchanges will help him to dispel anxiety, while at the same time calming and relaxing him. However, they must not be conducted just before the consultation: the dog's body must be allowed time to return to normal (let the excitement, heart rate, etc.) drop.

Be relaxed so that it is in turn
We must not forget that our dogs are real sponges with emotions and, as such, we unintentionally communicate a good part of what we feel.
When you are stressed and anxious, there is a good chance that the dog will be too. Our attitudes, the signals emitted by our bodies, and our bodies are perfectly captured by our four-legged friends. We must, therefore, make sure they are positive so that it detracts from the dog's state of mind and behavior.
So, it is essential to be totally relaxed and confident when you go to the vet. The dog will perceive this serenity and will feel it too.

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