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The cone of shame pushed my corgi's ear down... will it ever go back up?

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Hi all, new to this forum! I couldn't find an answer to this question anywhere online, so I wanted to ask the community here to see if anyone has experienced this. Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 7 months old and both of his ears had been standing up strongly since he was about 4 months old.

A month ago he got neutered and had to wear the cone of shame for 2 weeks. Once we took it off, it had pushed one of his ears down and now it is floppy. We were hoping that the ear would pop back up on its own but it has been 3 weeks since the cone has come off and it is not showing any signs of popping back up. There is a very distinct fold now in his ear where it droops. We've looked up some YouTube videos of how to tape an ear but we prefer not to do that, as we didn't have to tape either of his ears in the first place to get them to stand. The floppy ear on occasion does pop back up but only for a few seconds, and it's usually small moments when he is either very alert, or when he is sitting and looking up at us and the gravity pulls the ear to a standing position.

Has anyone else ever experienced this with their dog where a standing ear has been pushed down by the cone of shame? Is 3 weeks not enough time to allow it to naturally stand back up on its own, or should we be worried? Any suggestions?
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