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The Cone of Shame - Is it okay?

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Dear fellows. Recently, my puppy broke 4 mobile phone chargers, a usb connector, router connector, an Ethernet cable and just last night our Electric Fan short-circuited causing temporary power-off in our unit. I was really mad at her but then I can't do anything except stare at her and shout her words while pointing at the things she broke.
She chewed on the wires mentioned above though she already have a chew-bone, a toy ball, a pull-rope and a number of mats and rags. Every time she did it, I can't do anything to the poor puppy. I put her in her cage but her whining and whimpering is enough to let her out again after a few minutes.

Recently, I've been reading on how to prevent this but they doesn't seem to work. Just want to ask you out there if using e-collars or "cone of shame" is okay to use as punishment? I know I've spoiled her somehow but she's a dog and its natural for her to chew things specially while in the puppy-phase. Any advice would be great..
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While in the house, you could have her tethered to you with her leash while in the house. This way, you'll have her close to you and she's less likely to get into trouble. You do need to remain strong and ignore her crying when she's supposed to be in her crate. Each time you let her out when she cries, you're reinforcing the crying, and it becomes increasingly harder to crate train her. Obviously she shouldn't be crated excessively, but at night is fine, as are a few hours during the day, as long as she's getting some good, tiring play exercise.
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