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The Cone of Shame - Is it okay?

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Dear fellows. Recently, my puppy broke 4 mobile phone chargers, a usb connector, router connector, an Ethernet cable and just last night our Electric Fan short-circuited causing temporary power-off in our unit. I was really mad at her but then I can't do anything except stare at her and shout her words while pointing at the things she broke.
She chewed on the wires mentioned above though she already have a chew-bone, a toy ball, a pull-rope and a number of mats and rags. Every time she did it, I can't do anything to the poor puppy. I put her in her cage but her whining and whimpering is enough to let her out again after a few minutes.

Recently, I've been reading on how to prevent this but they doesn't seem to work. Just want to ask you out there if using e-collars or "cone of shame" is okay to use as punishment? I know I've spoiled her somehow but she's a dog and its natural for her to chew things specially while in the puppy-phase. Any advice would be great..
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Ecollars are not meant to be punishers. Of course they may prevent chewing. And chewing electrical cords can be deadly. When you have puppies it may be a good idea to thread them through PVC pipe to avoid the puppy getting to them. Is the puppy doing this in your presence? How closely are you supervising? I would tether her to me or have her somewhere safe (no electral appliances) when you are unable to keep an eye on her. Shouting at her (especially after the fact) doesn't work. But interrupting her when she's just getting started (because you are supervising her and notice) can help.
yes. after some thoughts, It was stupid of me to think that E-collars would help. But she wont stop crying her lungs out when she's in her crate. She's too playful. Even after our evening run, when we're back in the unit, she doesn't stop playing. I let her sleep by my side but when I wake up, paper and other sort of stuffs are scattered everywhere. Please give some advices how to prevent this or if putting her in a crate is an option, how could I stop her moans. I mean, its pitiful. Honestly I can't stop myself from letting her out. Am I too soft?
I would look for a less confining way to keep her up (ex pen, baby gate), and in the meantime work on making her crate a great place to be. Toss treats or toys in, and close the door (with her on the outside, so she'd like to get in) Click and treat her for going in the crate, and then ask her to come out (no treat) repeat. Teach her to down in her crate with the door open. Teach her to go in with a cue. When she's comfortable with the crate, shut the door very briefly and while she is quiet let her out. Gradually increase the time before you open the door, but try to do it before she gets worked up. Don't use the crate to punish
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