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The chicken processing plant in town... A few 'raw' questions

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Hey all, I can't go totally raw but I could do one or two raw meals a week to start out with ..... IF this plan works, in town there is a chicken processing plant (Holmes foods) would they have things like chicken backs that I could have? I don't have a separate freezer so I could only pick up a few at a time but do you guys think they would have them? Processing means they slaughter them there right?

Another question... Where to you raw feeders get your meat? The organs & such?
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I would check with the processing plant. There is a local meat packer here who sells raw food food for pets, you can get carcasses, backs, wings, necks (chicken, turkey, lamb, or pork), or ground trim/bones/organs, recreational bones, organs... lots of stuff that would otherwise probably be largely wasted for them. Even if the plant in your area doesn't start an official program, I bet you could set something up individually to "take that stuff off their hands" inexpensively.
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