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The Chazzman is 9 years old.

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Chazz is going to be 9 years old tomorrow, May 21.

It's been a rough 9 years for him with his health issues, but he made it!!!!

In honor of this joyous event, I put together some pictures. I hope you enjoy

Happy Birthday Chazzie.

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OMG K, that was too funny!!!

The boys loved it :D :D Buck even started singing too :rolleyes:
Now how are we supposed to send Chazz B-day presents if you didn't tell us it was gonna be his B-day :mad:
I Hate being late *pouts*
You can still send em... he said he doesn't care if they're late. :)
woohoooooooooooooo he'll be checking the mailbox every day
Chazz says thank you all for the birthday wishes. :D
That was Awesome K!!!!

:D :D
Thank you Wvasko. :D
The boys loved that ACM!! That was adorable. Thank you.
I saw this yesterday but waited until today to say......
MMM, Chazz says thank you very much.

Happy Happy Birthday Chazz
Thank you Corteo for the birthday wishes. :D
And a Big Thank You to the Border Collies and you!!! :D

The birthday boy is snoozing right now, but I know he appreciates the wishes. :rolleyes:
Happy birthday chazz-man!
He's snoozing but I know he'd say Thank you R. :D
Happy 9th birthday Chazz! Just on May 18th Pickle my 2nd oldest dog turned 2.
Belated Happy Birthday to Pickle. :D
Chazz says 'Auntie V, you're the best!!!' :D
1 - 13 of 33 Posts
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