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Hi All!

This update turned out to be kinda long - I haven't been here in a while. For some reason it tends to upset and stress me out a bit! Mostly due to the fact that I don't know how I'm going to handle the loss of my baby Bella when her time comes.

She had been doing VERY well for over two years after the osteosarcoma diagnosis and front leg amputation. Never thought I'd be fortunate enough to still have her in my life!

Then one day in July she ate breakfast, threw up, became lethargic then stopped eating. Definitely NOT normal Bella behavior.
Took her to the emergency vet where they ended up diagnosing her with lymphocytic lymphoma. :(
I thought that was the end of the road for Miss Bella. I was WAY beyond a wreck - like had to beg for meds from my doctor kinda wreck.

My parents, neighbors and I went to visit her thinking for the last time. Her oncologist then gave us hope! She was getting stronger and already eating again after some fluids and prednisone so he thought she would be able to handle the chemo treatment with no problems. He was more concerned about me!


After the 3rd treatment she ended up with severe pancreatitis. She was vomiting and having horrible blow-out diarrhea and was in obvious pain. ....and another three days in the hospital.

Finally a few weeks later with lots of anti-diarrhea meds etc, it clears up. Had to change her diet and that's always risky with her.

Then out of nowhere poo starts just falling out of her bum! That was no fun for either of us!! But that cleared up after a few days as well.

So the past few weeks she has been VERY happy, hungry and energetic. Her normal self. Although over-the-top EXTREMELY hungry - but the past week I've noticed she's lost a lot of weight....even though she is eating like a horse. I figure that can't be a good sign.

I took her off the rice and pasta that I had been mixing with her prescription food and replaced it with fresh, cooked cod, chicken breast and organic, low-fat hamburg & scrambled eggs (little bits at a time!) - and already two days later she looks better and her poos look better. I wish I had done that a while ago, but was scared of the pancreatitis coming back. The oncologist had the "quality of life" talk with me the last time we were there....I did NOT want her back in the ER. :(

Her next chemo treatment (a milder form from the CHOP) is this Friday. Please please please please let it go okay!!! If she gets sick again, Dr Kow will end the cancer treatment. She did okay after the last treatment three weeks ago....hoping it will be again. Also hoping this weight loss isn't a reason to stop treating her. :(

Hoping for some prayers for my sweet girl. She's been a total trooper through all this. Her stubbornness is definitely helping!

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Thanks everyone! It has been soooo stressful. I think it's taking more of a toll on my health than I thought. But, I will do whatever I can as long as she remains happy and comfortable.

I'm really sorry about Dahlia, crysania. We've all been here so long and have gotten to "know" each other and our pups, it's heartbreaking to hear of a loss.
Hearing about Soro hit me hard as well - I think that's when I stopped coming here as much. :( :( :(

But maybe it's actually good therapy to talk to fellow dog lovers who understand what we're going through. Might be better than paying a professional! :)

I honestly can't imagine my life without her. She is a HUGE piece of who I am.

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